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Diana Becton: First Black Female District Attorney in Contra Costa County

  The California Democratic Party African American Caucus would like to congratulate Diana Becton, who is a retired Superior Court Judge, for being appointed District Attorney by the Contra Costa County Board of Supervisors this past Tuesday, September 12th. Becton holds a Bachelors in economics from San Francisco State University and later graduated from the Golden Gate University Law …

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1963 At The Lincoln Memorial

It was 54 years ago to be exact, that Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. stood at the Lincoln Memorial August 28th.  He spoke to protest and petition America’s sense of morality about the injustices in Alabama, Mississippi and other parts of the country. He gave the most memorable speech of this century and declared his …

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Stand with Kaepernick: A Resolution

  RESOLUTION IN SUPPORT OF COLIN KAEPERNICK’S RIGHT TO PEACEFULLY PROTEST WHEREAS, there is a long history of African American athletes using their celebrity to support civil rights; these individuals include Muhammad Ali, Arthur Ash, Jackie Robinson, Wilma Rudolph, and Peter Norman; and WHEREAS, said support has been critical to the advancement of civil rights …

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Charlottesville: Hate Denied

Statement of California Democratic Party African American Caucus on Unite the Right rally: The California Democratic Party African American Caucus condemns the organizers of the Unite the Right rally for their attempt to spread hate, fear, and dissension in our country last weekend. The will of the Alt-Right to turn back the clock on our …

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