Jun 10

Welcome to the African American Caucus Website


Here you will find information about the members and activities of the California Democratic Party’s African American Caucus including information about our policy priorities, our history and the services we provide.

We really hope that we can inspire you to attend our meetings – no obligation whatsoever, but of course we will try to interest you in our Caucus membership. It’s only $25.00 per year, and we have a lot of fun while we educate and inform the citizens of California. No, you do not have to live here in order to join.

Please feel free to contact us with your thoughts and suggestions, as they are valuable to us.



  1. Jeffery Clifton Hall

    I am Jeffery Clifton Hall. I’ve just registered for the African-American Caucus and I will be attending the Convention as a delegate from AD: 35. I am committed to the issue of Reparations for African-Americans.

    I would like for Reparations to be included on the Platform of the African-American Caucus and brought before the Democratic Party as a Resolution.

  2. Carol Jeffries

    When will this website be updated.?I agree about reparations for African Americans.

    Carol Jeffries
    79th ADEM

  3. Addie Miles

    Was there a recount for Kimberly Ellis ? I was told at the convention she lost by only 670 votes

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