Jul 01

2017 California Democratic Party Summer Executive Board Meeting


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In order to register, pay dues, see E-Board ticket prices, learn about sponsorship opportunities and/or get info about accommodations click here!

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Aug 19

Charlottesville: Hate Denied

Statement of California Democratic Party African American Caucus on Unite the Right rally:

The California Democratic Party African American Caucus condemns the organizers of the Unite the Right rally for their attempt to spread hate, fear, and dissension in our country last weekend.

The will of the Alt-Right to turn back the clock on our social progress will be denied.

It will be denied, because it is reprehensible!

It will be denied, because it is morally wrong!

It will be denied, because we will not allow it!

We will stand with our brothers and sisters in Charlottesville, the men and women like the Honorable Wes Bellamy and the late Heather Heyer, in an unbroken chain of agape love, a chain that is strong enough to bind the ugliness that some would loose on our country for their personal gain as in days past.

We will not let anyone turn us around.

Hon. Darren W. Parker, Chair


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Aug 02

Protecting our Voting Rights in California


The African American Caucus reposts an article:

A Crisis: Voting Rights Attacked!

The US Constitution is clear: American citizens have a right to vote. There should be unfettered access to becoming a registered voter and to the ballot box. This is the goal of the Voting Rights Act of 1965, which has its 52nd Anniversary today.

Donald Trump has created a “Voter Integrity” Commission asking for information from every states to determine who can and cannot vote. The Commission is to decrease voter participation. There can be no other interpretation. I am delighted Alex Padilla, California’s Secretary of State will not share the voter information of California voters with the Commission.

Yet Trump’s commission, and many states like Kansas, have gone in the opposite direction of the Voting Rights Act. They repeat lies about voter fraud to justify policies that make it harder for eligible citizens to register and vote.

But let’s not lose hope. While some states are working to roll back voting rights, there are other states that are advancing policies that maintain the integrity of our elections and make it easier for people to register and vote.

I’m proud to say that California is one of those states and we are committed to strengthening voter rights.

If you have any questions or concerns about voting or just want to learn more about California’s election process and issues, please contact my office or visit the California Secretary of State’s website at http://www.sos.ca.gov/elections/. Also, to view the California Voter Bill of Rights, please click here (LINK TO http://www.sos.ca.gov/elections/voter-bill-rights/)


Darren W. Parker

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Aug 02

CADEM’s Protect Democracy

Our country was founded on the principles of a Representative Democracy where the citizens eligible to vote would get together from time to time to elect the Representatives who would then go to a certain place to form a congress and conduct the business of the government for the people. The framers wrote into our Constitution certain provisions designed to protect certain rights reserved to the people and certain rights reserved to the states ALL of which was designed to restrict and limit the ruling power, authority and ability of the Federal Government. This was and remains a grand idea which was designed to prevent an authoritarian type of government which was the primary type of government existing during the time that our government was formed in the late 1700’s. This type of government was called DEMOCRACY and relied on an INFORMED ELECTORATE to vote for their INDIVIDUAL VESTED interests thereby providing the final balance between the people and the rulers.

The Democratic system ONLY works well when the majority of the eligible voters are informed voters and participate in the elections. Today, in our country, it can be easily demonstrated that only about 25% to 28% of the eligible electorate participates in elections. These numbers can erode to less than a 12% participation in mid-term and local elections. The problem here is that the candidates and incumbents who seek public office understand only too well that only those who vote consistently really matter. Certain groups, mainly the poor, uneducated, homeless, old and infirm and certain ethnicities, simply don’t count in an office seeker or incumbent’s political estimations and programs because they notoriously DO NOT VOTE. The evidence of this can be easily seen in the new laws which have popped up in red states such as North Carolina with its voter suppression laws and Wisconsin and Michigan with their anti union and anti healthcare laws. California has even been hoodwinked into an “Open Primary” system designed to favor the moneyed candidates on the right wing.

Please don’t kid yourself, MONEY COUNTS and The Golden Rule is: he who has the gold makes the rules. The wealthy few are calling the tune these days and the right wing, tea party republican politicians are dancing to that tune.

Yet, it is still the law in our land that there is one vote per one person but IF YOU DON’T VOTE YOU DON’T COUNT is the reality of our political process. This is why our current situation in califronia exists as it does.

Our African American Caucus is dedicated to educating eligible voters in California regarding the issues which affect the African Community in our state and motivating them to GO TO THE POLLS AND VOTE on Election Day. To do

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Aug 02

California Voting


Our voting rights are under attack! We must stay vigilant and remain aware of every federal mandate, executive order or any federal administrations whose powers have been stripped away or led by those who wish to see protections and social programs removed.

On Saturday, of October 10th, 2015 Governor Jerry Brown signed into law measures which would have made voter registration automatic for ALL California citizens who get or renew a California drivers license. The bill was a priority of newly elected Secretary of State Alex Padilla.


ALL voters registered in California are eligible to vote in ALL statewide and national elections. NO photo ID is required. There are many states today that seek to further disenfranchise voters by requiring various forms of identification, changing polling locations and shortening the hours the polls are open. These are just a few examples.

Click HERE to go to the California Secretary of State’s Voter Registration Website. We need to continue to register people to vote for the upcoming 2018 election! We have seven critical seats to win!

IF when you registered to vote, you initialed  the “Vote By Mail” option on your registration form, you will receive your ballot approximately 29 days prior to the election. To Vote, follow the instructions on the ballot.

IF you have not received your ballot by 20 days before the election contact your County Clerk’s office and explain the problem.

IF you prefer to vote at your polling place and you have received a “Vote by Mail” ballot, then take that ballot to the Polling place and request a new ballot.

In any event you may cast a ballot at your polling place on Election Day  regardless of any other action you may have taken. It will be a provisional ballot and will be counted last and only IF you have not voted elsewhere or elsewhen in this election. (This is NOT an invitation to cheat and be advised that there are serious consequences for voter fraud – but then we are all growing older and with our youth sometimes goes our memory).

In any event, click HERE to find your polling place for the upcoming election.

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