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Robbin G. Proutt



I currently on the office of Vice Chair, California Democratic Party African American Caucus and I enjoy every second of this position which always to me engage to several California(s). Recently, I have recent in Masters of Public Administration and I currently lived in the 53rd Assembly District. I work at the County of Los Angeles – Auditor Controller for the past fifth years. I current held the Vice Chair, LACDP Region chair Assembly District 54th, 44th, 53rd, and 50th. I am responsible for several Leadership roles, including the major Democracy Debate Party, organizer our Democracy campaigning our location campaign(s) and organizer our got out the Vote Policy. Our Vote policy is important that we must manage. I am and an Obama Delegate in the 2012 and I travel to Charlotte, South Carolina. In the 2011, I graduate on the LAAAWPPI. It’s an acronym which stands for Los Angeles African American Women in Public Policy, the hosting 10 week(s) Leadership program on the classes University Southern California. It’s was great honor to be affiliated the Leadership program and the many opportunities that comes the many offers.


My previous position I will 48th Assembly District Chairperson. The 48th Assembly District one on the responsible conducting the Census Bureau for our Assembly District informing individual about ten year of the important to that this survey. It was imperative our on Community/District participate. In addition another survey we offered participate was as the Supermarket survey. Our major campaign was with Kamala Harris for Attorney General and needed for her to won.


For the past twenty plus years, I have worked the Recording Industry as the worked as a liaison for scheduling A-List artists appearing on Major Award shows. I worked very closely with A-List artists content personal for flight arrangement, hotel scheduling and production arrivals. I also, worked major production companies such as: The NAACP Image Awards, Pierre Cossette Productions (Grammy Awards), Don Mischer Productions (Super Bowl), Dick Clark Production (American Music Awards- AMA’s), NBA All Star Game in Los Angeles, Billboard Awards and Many Private Parties. I had also, worked as a Location Manager for Cast Locations, this company provided many locations on site production in the Local California neighborhood area providing different scenery for with various productions background images such as Music Videos, Commercials, Motion Pictures and Television.